The truth is, the fundraising industry could do more for the blockchain industry than blockchain can do for charity, but both sides would both receive huge rewards in the collaboration. So, let’s make this happen.

Our primary aim at Charity NFT Labs is to bring the technology to create and sell licenced unique NFT collections to charities of all sizes and break through the barriers of raise funding through the blockchain. Over the past few years blockchain technology is breaking through the barriers of traditional funding methods at an ever-increasing rate, edging itself into mainstream businesses. NFTs themselves had a meteoric rise in 2021 with record revenues of over $20billion 200 times that of 2020. NFTs progressed from being authentication for digital art, to having all types of utilities within both the digital and physical world. With the vast amount of expendable income realised by those who hold and trade cryptocurrencies and the huge desire for collectable NFTs, it is the perfect fit to introduce charity fundraising into this sector and vice versa, charities raised over $1trillion in donations throughout 2021, but still have massive barriers created by the unregulated status of cryptocurrency donations, we will breakdown that barrier, facilitating regulated funding transfers.

Core Values

  • It is our aim to make blockchain technology accessible to all charities, no matter of size or location or cause.
  • Community is the key to success; this is as true for us, as the charities we work with, they are our heroes.
  • To ensure our overall impact on the environment is positive.

Mission Statement

We will bring the education and accessibility needed for fundraising through NFT’s
and blockchain technologies. We will support all charities and communities in
creating a better environment for all.


Charity NFT Series

Whilst introducing the charity sector, and their stakeholders, into blockchain technology, mainly through NFT’s need to look at the possible ways of enticing this new audience to enter the NFT market, by looking at the tried and tested traditional ways charities have already had positive results at adopting mass participation. Success has traditionally been found in collections of badges, pins, stickers etc…  We will closely with the individual charities to make sure each offering is tailored to their market share; this will consider the size of their donor pool and average donation. This will mean style, rarity and value will vary to create maximum fundraising and exposure potential.

Special Editions

Charity NFT Labs will also be launching a series of special edition NFT’s, the first of which will be the “Original Hero” NFT which will be airdropped to all who take part in the HERO presale, future editions in this series will be issued to fundraise to raise aid for disaster victims.

Charity NFT Series Tax – 10%

  • 5% – Buy Back and Burn $HERO
  • 3% – Charity of the Month Pot
  • 2% – Development

HERO Token

The HERO utility token has been created with the intention to support our DAO system, our team here is a very small minority in HERO’s ecosystem and there for we believe that it is not for us to decide what charity we will donate funds to, every monthly donation will be picked by our HERO holders through a series of votes via the governance system, leading to the top 3 charities getting a proportion of funding allocated to them.

The Burn Feature

We believe that to ensure the sustainability of a utility token it must have a burn feature, that is why we have not written it into the token tax, over time as the projects is 100% funded by ,the NFT’s we will be reducing the token tax to zero (this will not be before the first 24 months) to allow us to list on the top exchanges, if the burn feature was written into the HERO token, at this point we would loose that facility, instead the burn function will be written into all our partnered NFT series, 5% of each NFT transaction will be buying and burning the HERO utility token, this feature will be hard coded into each NFT so even secondary sales will continue to buy and burn the HERO utility token.

Contract Address



Total Supply – 200,000,000,000

  • 70% – Presale & Liquidity (140,000,000,000)
  • 5% – Development (10,000,000,000)
  • 5% – Marketing (10,000,000,000)
  • 5% – Partners (10,000,000,000)
  • 15% – Staking Rewards (30,000,000,000)

Token Tax (Buy & Sell)

Total Tax – 10%

  • 3% – Charity of the Month Pot
  • 3% – Back to Holders
  • 2% – Liquidity
  • 2% – Development

Audits & Security

Contact security is paramount to us, so as well as using industry leading solidity writers to create our contracts we also make sure they are audited for your peace of mind.

Security Audit Complete – https://github.com/TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/October_2022/Charity%20NFT%20Labs.pdf


Social Media

Social media marketing is at the heart of the majority successful business, and that is true of Charity NFT Labs, we have identified the key social media platforms for blockchain markets and started to build our communities. As we more advance into the fundraising markets, we are ready to adapt our strategy to maximise the reach to all our target audience to gain maximum exposure and allow us to integrate ourselves with our international partners.


Obtaining the right endorsements from the right people can be the catalyst to a successful marketing campaign, that is why we already have a deal in principle with a world leading agency with hundreds of internationally known celebrities, to help position the correct influence marketing with the correct campaigns.


Our experienced team already have the connections with the top blockchain media outlets, these will give us access to millions of NFT collectors and crypto traders. This will be in the form of published articles, streamed interviews, AMA’s plus much more.


Partner marketing involvement will be in the forefront of all partnerships formed, the expectation is for them to align their campaign marketing to reach their stakeholder pool with promotion and educational material required to maximise new entrants to the blockchain markets.

Market Positioning

We are positioning ourselves in the market to be the “go to” place for blockchain fundraising, we are already attracting interest from potential industry partners to increase our offering to both charities and the end user.

Road Map - Phase 1

Phase 1 of our development has already been outlined; this will take us right through to deliver on all the products discussed in this whitepaper.

The target time to complete phase 1 is dependent on available funds but expected to be completed in no less than 12 months and no more than 30 months.

HERO Launch

This is the initial step of successfully releasing our utility token to support the project and for the DAO system to be implemented around.

NFT Airdrop

This is the first offering of our Special Edition NFT and will be distributed free of charge to all our HEROs who have taken part in our presale.

Governance System

Our snapshot governance system will be the first steps into creating the Dao system, this will allow funding pots to be distributed at the will of or HERO community.

Charity Monthly Pot

This pot will accumulate through the trading of the HERO token and the sale of partnered charity NFT’s. Each month charities will be able to enter and put their cause forward to our community groups to gather support in the governance voting system.


Creating partnerships with charities in the essence of the project and something we have already started talking with some of the leading causes in this space. We are also in talks with industry leaders to develop our offering enduring we cement our spot as the “go to” NFT provider for all charities.

Charity NFT Collections

We aim to start our first charity collection in the fist quarter of 2023, this will allow our partners to start an annual collection and create a calendar of events for any addition one off NFT’s they may require.


Front Facing Team


The passion and drive behind Charity NFT Labs and will be leading the team. Craig is educated to degree level in IT and Business Strategies, he also has over 20 years’ experience in management and project development which has been applied in the blockchain industry over the past three years with focus on developing marketing strategies for multimillion dollar NFT and crypto projects.


Zoe is our Superhero, she will be there day to day in the community helping keep it a pleasant environment to be, ans will be acquiring and building a team to increase and engage the community around the clock.

Behind the Scenes

We have a team with 20+ years’ experience in the industry, this team will be concentrating on building and improving our token and NFT dApps and creating partnerships with key companies and influencers the blockchain stratosphere. As top professionals in their industry these guys like to work without the distraction of over keen investors. To allow them to complete their work at maximum capacity all external communications will be performed through our front facing team.

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